Our Values

At I am the Animal we believe products should be ethically produced in accordance with our values. These are:


It is important to us that the brands we offer have fair work practices in place for all workers involved in production processes. This includes small artisan suppliers to the large apparel suppliers. It is crucial that workers earn a living wage, have safe working conditions, have legal employment contracts and that there is no forced or child labour.

Where possible we have sourced brands which adhere to the guidelines of the fair wear foundation- "making clothing fair for everyone"


All the products available at I am the Animal are 100% Vegan and animal free. Meaning they contain no animal derivatives, animal leathers or any other animal by-products were used in the production processes.

Where possible we have sourced products which have Peta- approved certification.


Using sustainable materials is important to us at I am the animal. Sustainable materials provide social, environmental and economic benefits while protecting public health and the environment.

It is important that our sustainable products are environmentally friendly throughout their lifespan. After the useful life is over, we hope the materials used can be returned to the earth via composting or endlessly recycled.


Whether its the repurposing of unwanted products into something useful through upcycling or the downcycling of those products into raw materials to be repurposed through recycling, both have genuine benefits to the environment and have a place at I am the animal.

Both Recycling and Upcycling lengthens the lifecycle of materials and reduces the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfill each year.