After working in the garment decoration industry for 10 years, I found myself forever wondering who sewed the clothes that passed through my hands each day. Was it a Man, Woman or even a child? Were they being paid a fair, living wage? And were they working in a safe environment?

I had read the books about sweatshops and fast fashion, seen the haunting documentaries of buildings collapsing on garment workers, their unrealistic hours for little pay and leather tanneries polluting local waterways.

I became aware the garment factories may have been a world away from my purchase of a cheap T-shirt, but as the end user, I was greatly part of the problem.


I was inspired to create a place where I could offer 100% Vegan, ethically and sustainably made products to challenge the status quo of mindless consumption.

I set out to offer eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products whose manufacturing processes had harmful effects on workers, the environment and animals.

I wanted to create a company that was conscientious about its environmental footprint. Not just in its products, but in every process. From manufacturing, right through to the compostable sticky tape used to seal the customers package.


I have sourced eco- friendly products from companies from all around the world. Meeting guidelines such as being Fair Wear certified, Peta approved, ethically produced, sustainably sourced, GOTS certified(organic textile standard) to name a few.

Leaf leather instead of cow’s leather… 100% recycled bags instead of plastic bags.

For every harmful product- There is an eco-friendly alternative!