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Vegan Passport Wallets

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Struggling to find a sustainable, leather-free travel wallet?

Look no further! Our vegan-friendly passport wallets are meticulously crafted to cater to all your travel needs while aligning with your ethical values.

Designed to conveniently hold your passport, notes and cards in one secure location, our Corkor travel wallets also offer ample space for your currency, including foreign bills like Euros, Dollars and Yen! 

Safety is priority which is why our cork wallets feature RFID blocking technology for added peace of mind, particularly crucial for international travel.

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Just like our cork bags and belts, our travel wallets are crafted with a blend of sustainability and functionality, Corkor's leather-free travel wallets boast a unique blend of cork exterior and RFID blocking fabric interior, ensuring durability and security throughout your journeys. Interested in learning more about cork? Check out our Introduction to cork blog.

The natural properties of cork make it not only lightweight but also water repellent and stain-resistant, providing an extra layer of protection against varying climates and travel mishaps.

Our sustainable travel wallet streamlines your essentials without adding unnecessary bulk, making airport navigation a breeze.

Available in dark brown, light brown and black, you can stay organized and prepared for any adventure with our slim, efficient design that guarantees your essentials are always within reach.


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