Spotlight on... 1 Litre Stainless Steel Eco Bottle

Spotlight on... 1 Litre Stainless Steel Eco Bottle

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Touted as the eco bottle every adventurer and beachgoer needs, this week's product spotlight is the

1 Litre Stainless Steel Eco Bottle

Designed rugged and tough by lovers of the outdoors.. The slim, stainless design fits neatly into a backpack for the days adventure.


 Lets jump straight into some of the amazing features:

Double wall vacuum sealed- Meaning your bottle wont sweat. (Just like a thermos)

Keeps water cold up to 24 Hours/ Hot liquids 6-10 Hours

Virtually indestructible- Outer shell 18/10 durable S/S- Inner shell 18/8 food grade S/S

Leak proof- The airtight silicone gasket guarantees your bottle will never leak, even in the most rugged situations

Lifetime Warranty- Covers breakage, serious dents, or anything that causes the bottle to not function properly. (Scratches and battle scars aren't covered but do add serious character to your bottle!)

Dimensions- Height- 31.5, Base- 8, Mouth- 4.3 (cm)

 Stainless steel/ Bamboo screw cap


Soo...What can I put in my eco bottle:

Water, Juice, Wine, Tea, Coffee Even Smoothies and Soups!


Safer for you and the environment:

Annually, Aussie's use over a billion singe-use plastic bottles. Most of these end up in landfill and are unrecyclable. (Plus the 3 billion plastic straws we use.) Not to mention disposable plastic bottles leach chemicals. No thanks!

Our Eco bottles are BPA Free. They are made from quality Stainless Steel, a bamboo cap and silicone gasket. That's it!

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 "Hot stays hot and cold stays cold with Tree Tribe's range of Stainless steel bottles!"


All the best!

Mathew Ahearn

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