I am the animal?

I am the animal?

Firstly, welcome to the I am the animal blog!

I am the animal was founded by myself, Mathew Ahearn in 2021.

The last 12 to 15 months have been an exciting time to say the least! From discovering new ethically made products (and testing them out myself) to meeting suppliers from around the globe with a passion for sustainable materials.

Harvested Cork from the trunk of the Cork Oak Tree in Portugal

After much thought about the products I wanted to offer, website layout and where I wanted to take the business, the website finally went live in March 2021.

My goal was to provide customers with ethically made, sustainable and cruelty free options for a range of everyday products. Eg Wallets, bags, eco bottles, clothing and accessories.

A passionate Vegan myself, I felt that one extra leaf leather wallet out in the world meant that there was one less cow's leather wallet being purchased.

Who would have thought... A wallet made from Leaves..

 Envelope wallet made from leaves

For more information on my journey, check out the About us page.

For the future, I hope to bring on more quality, sustainable products while continuing to develop personal relationships with suppliers from across the world. 

I appreciate all the feedback that has come forward so far! I welcome all feedback, positive or negative, in the hope of making your shopping experience even more rewarding!

Women's satchel bag made from Cork

Thank you so much for your support so far and choosing to shop sustainably with I am the animal!


All the best!

Mathew Ahearn


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